If you’re looking to develop an analytics tool to support your consumers or organization, it is advisable to hire experts that can advise you on best practices, trending tools and effective applications.

With our support, that data science pipe dream of yours can now become a reality in small, incremental, cost-effective steps. In order for your organization to compete effectively, we will design a tool that puts your use cases into consideration.

Your team will be involved in the development process, so that everyone can contribute their quota towards ensuring that the tool is fit for intended use, and that the right problems are being solved. Our team is made up of teachers who take inspiration from life as it unfolds before them, and derive incredible pleasure from helping people to better understand complex concepts.



We understand that what works in some situations don’t work in others. So we make it a habit to evaluate ideas and make them tangible with low fidelity sketched and wireframes.





Our tools are designed such that they can be used to gather unfiltered feedback used to improve processes.






Production tool

The production-grade tools that we create are robust, scalable and rigorously tested. Actionable dashboard insights are displayed to users, instead of overwhelming information.

Why Platingnum?

Our team comprises decades of experience analyzing and presenting data across many academic fields and industries, and we bring these perspectives to every problem we tackle.

We move quickly and work collaboratively to identify deliverables that actually help you solve problems and make decisions, rather than dumping plots in a PowerPoint deck and calling it a day. We use whatever tools make sense and can help you choose open source tools, instead of limiting ourselves to black box solutions.


Thinking about hiring us?

Please email Bo Peng at hello@Platnignum or call