If you’ve just made a decision to build an organization that is more data-driven, perhaps because your competitors are doing it or you’re convinced that the benefits are attractive, you don’t have to worry about how to get started or how to make your team members adopt the data-driven philosophy.

As serious as this sounds, be assured that your team members will have fun because we deliberately make use of fun environments where they will be encouraged to feel relaxed, engage more, and enjoy the benefits of experiential learning. There will be activities that both experts and novices can relate with, in learning about data science.

Our instructors are approachable and generous with time; this is a strategy that will make participants open up and ask questions from their unique perspectives.


Training on Data Science for Managers and Directors

At this two-day course, participants will learn about the four key skills that should be possessed by vice presidents, directors, and managers in data-driven organizations. Participants will also be furnished with relevant information that will help them to manage data science projects, channel the right strategies into tangible projects, and better consume of data-driven results.

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Build your own training program

A custom program will be designed to match your corporate objectives in relation to data literacy and science. There are numerous topics and lessons to choose from, as well as resources that participants can take out for further learning. If you want, we can develop custom resources for your team.



A team will be dedicated to work on-site with yours for 3-6 weeks, orienting them about Patingnum’s approach to data science. Real problems in your work environment will be resolved and at intervals, we will share information about our culture of creativity and design.



Why Platingnum?

Our team members comprise several academic expatriates from a plethora of backgrounds, and they really love to teach! Moreover, Platingnum is a consulting firm that has helped itself and other organizations to effectively adopt creative and quantitative thinking. Because we practice data science on a regular basis, we know exactly what skills and tools are required to solve real life professional problems. So why not give us a shot?


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