Human-centered design

We plan, build, test, and iterate as quickly as possible.

Businesses large and small inevitably waste resources solving data-related problems only to realize that the result doesn’t actually help the business. A recent survey of IT professionals revealed that 55% of “big data” projects are never completed.

To avoid this, we practice the human-centered design process: planning, building, testing, and iterating as quickly as possible. We recognize that goals crystallize during the problem solving process, and we transition from quick, low-fidelity sketches and experiments to robust, higher-fidelity prototypes only as we learn more. We plan by doing, using tiny pieces of work to hone in on the most useful problems to solve. In our experience, it’s the only way to consistently produce truly transformative data science results.

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Genuine collaboration

We're a small, friendly firm with an open culture. We work in open collaboration with...