Do you feel called to provide value with data? Perhaps you recently had an encounter that inspired you, but it’s still not clear what initiatives are most promising or how you can get started?

Allow us think for you and come up with proven strategies for data science. By the time we’re done, you will be challenged to think differently about prevailing problems and the quantitative approach towards solving them.

You can trust us to help you identify what starting points are potentially most valuable to your unique plan, so that formulated strategies can be executed with utmost confidence.

We primarily build novel data-driven tools and if a given project requires more than our core expertise, we rely on our excellent network of partners and independent contractors to supplement our thinking and recommendations.




To get started, we can closely collaborate with you on hourly working terms. We will then use our experience and expertise to offer valuable mentorship to you and your broader team.



In order to help you generate ideas and define what your organization can do with data, we will merge some of our data scientists with a selection of people from your organization.


        Strategic plan

An evaluation of your competitive advantages will be done, after which a roadmap for building your data science capability will be developed. Throughout the development process, the opinions of all relevant stakeholders will be put into consideration.

Why Platingnum?

We will never leave you in state of confusion or lord our expertise over you, because of our belief in the power of inclusive discourse, rapid iteration, thoughtful reflection, and respectful criticism.

In our opinion, the best ideas are those ones that spontaneously pop up during conversations. So instead of overwhelming you with 200+ slide decks or mind-numbing conference calls, we take time to engage you in a friendly environment, and provide professional advice at that level.

You can trust us to help you to avoid large licensing fees by using the best available tools and technologies to plan implementations. Our experience from contributing to a number of open source projects will also be used to your advantage.

And we won’t stop emphasizing the fact that we’re so much fun to work with!


Thinking about hiring us?

Please email Bo Peng at hello@Platnignum or call