What to do about the complexity of data?

Everywhere we turn, there’s an instance of data waiting to be collected. From social media interactions to business operations and growth efforts, we regularly contribute to a complex pool of data that can be used to accomplish more than a handful of socio-economic objectives.

For example, data can be used to do the following:

1. Combat security threats
2. Reward loyal consumers
3. Publicize new offerings
4. Automate client services
5. Identify opportunities

Data buckets solve only one part of the problem

Thanks to technology, it’s becoming easier to collect and store data in dedicated buckets that make up the massive pool. As a result, it is now possible to spend less than half the time and resources previously required to store and process data.

But no matter how organized the data buckets are, being able to view them all at once for diagnostic and application purposes, is an entirely different ball game.

So we decided to intervene with our Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution

Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) is a cloud-based solution developed with your unique industry in mind. This is a deliberate measure to ensure that you don’t feel out of place while using it to process and view unified businesinformation. We went the extra mile to ensure that Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) is automated from end to end so that accuracy and related errors arising from human interference can be almost eliminated.

Depending on your preferences, this solution can display robust information on BI and Analytics about your customers, products, inventory, orders.  Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) displays real-time information and send you instant alerts whenever a business activity that you’re interested in occurs.

Have you been missing out on this business-transforming goodness?

Everyone is catching up quick, and the testimonies are endless! You’ve got to experience it yourself, because words may struggle to explain…
It will not cost a fortune to have this solution working for you like its life depends on it (it does, actually). With all the efficiency and productivity ready to be sacrificed at the altar of your satisfaction, this solution is yours for the asking. Note, there are no hidden charges. What else could you possibly ask for?

Still wondering if you should make the big move?

Why NOT ? Just leave your current processes as they are and use our demo environment as a big guinea pig. Amazing, isn’t it?

Really, who prefers to switch between applications in a chaotic pool of data searching for current business activities, when they can simply allow Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) to spoil with real-time display.

Let’s face it: outdated business processes are complicated, time-consuming, energy-sapping, and among other negatives, do not allow as much flexibility as is required to keep up with trending business demands.

Some trending business demands met by platingnum unified data view(scv) solution

Ease of configuration

Gone are the days when people had no choice but to tolerate rigorous configuration processes that come loaded with down-time! These days, consumers are more vocal about their preferences and will resist any solution that’s not as easy as Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) to configure.

Intuitive user interface

What’s the point of having a solution that ends up confusing you? Nobody wants that. This is why Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) is deliberately designed to have a friendly user interface to ensure that users are not at the mercy of techies.

Integration with existing system

The fact that you have agreed to introduce a new application to simplify data management processes does not mean that you should lose your core operational systems. Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) was designed to improve business processes, not destabilize them. It is possible to integrate our solution with a comprehensive list of CRM, ERP & eCommerce systems using APIs , FIles and Data Streams.


With Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV), managing your reports is a piece of cake. We give you data for presenting in any kind of reporting tool like Excel, PowerBi, Tableau to name some


We understand your needs to tickle your data , Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) can be tweaked by users so they can own solution per their design and be a BOSS .





In addition to being cloud-hosted, industry-ready and affordable, Platingnum Unified data View (SCV) is extremely secure, fully encrypted, and highly configurable to accommodate any project size or specific business requirement