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The planning phase of the cloud solution is designed to identify specific solutions within the Cloud that will provide benefit to assist in examining workloads while providing particular requirements to facilitate the transition to the Cloud through the implementation. Our cloud planning services enable enterprises to visualise and put a plan around to overcome barriers to cloud adoption. We plan with you to assess your project’s overall viability, effort and the financial implication associated with leveraging the cloud.  During this phase of cloud transition or expansion, we will produce a “Value Map” that serves as a living document that gets refined throughout the life of your project.

Whether you’re already in the cloud or considering a move, Platingnum can help you plan your cloud technologies to drive innovation, speed and efficiency in your organization. During the cloud planning, we will offer you cloud planning services in the form of a proposal that will detail up-front, the project focus, duration and cost which will facilitate completion of the value map.

The planning process gives enterprise IT leaders a comprehensive view of their technology consumption, so they can quickly identify growth opportunities. With tailored cloud planning, putting technology at the heart of business strategy, the cloud conversation becomes far more than an IT decision. Our certified experts are here to help you plan the transition from traditional environments to modern public cloud environments, allowing you to reap the benefits of business agility, lower costs, and IT innovations.

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Our planning services take a holistic view of your organization, its infrastructure and translate these into an objectives-focused, actionable roadmap.

  • Future state architecture
  • Analysis of data to move into the Cloud
  • Security, disaster recovery, archive, and backup requirements analysis
  • Analysis of performance and availability requirements
  • Resource requirements identification
  • Cloud service provider selection
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Once planned, our next step in cloud adoption and IT solutions is the architecture. It is the framework that defines the components of databases, software capabilities, applications, and leveraging the ability of cloud support to solve your business problems. Our cloud architectural services allow you to move operations from your data centre to a highly secure and dependable cloud environment using IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Upon discussion and according to your needs, we decide on a safe cloud environment. It could be IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) or SaaS (software as a service). These cloud services are suitable for any kind of business, depending on their magnitude and volume of business. We truly believe in making the right decision, benefiting your business, and maximizing its potential.

At Platingnum, we manage architecture design carefully to ensure you get a secure and high-performing service. With our reliable cloud consultancy, you can reduce the risk of poorly executed data migration which results in taking advantage of the cloud’s agility.

The principal features of architecture revolve around data pipelines, data ingestion, data security, and cloud governance. Our specialized team design system based on these features ensures your business gets the best available solution in the market. While data security is our priority and the firm attention of our team is dedicated to keeping data safe and sound away from any breach.

Architecting a cloud solution requires a reliable cloud consultant to carefully execute it to ensure you get a secure, high-performing service. Choosing Platingnum to manage cloud architecture design for your organization reduces the risk of a poorly executed migration so your business can quickly take advantage of the cloud’s scale and flexibility.

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Our professional cloud architecture team will assess your workload and application needs to choose the right cloud platform. After a complete assessment, we then manage each step in the cloud architecture design process, providing cloud architecture blueprints based on your specific enterprise requirements.
A well-customized IT solution can surely help your business to step up. The designing process is analysis-oriented, which helps data analytics to achieve success.

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Cloud architecture aims to provide you with high bandwidth, network security, uninterrupted access to data, an on-demand agile network, and the ability to move efficiently within servers or between the clouds. This way your business will be one step ahead of the competition.
Cloud Architecture components include:

  • On-premise resources
  • Cloud resources
  • Software components and services
  • Middleware
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Platingnum is a full-stack cloud consulting company that leverages scrum and agile Azure cloud migration and adoption methodologies to deliver top-notch Azure cloud solutions for your business.

We offer Azure cloud services with a process of continuous feedback and an agile development framework. We deliver end-to-end Azure cloud solutions from concept, coding, development to deployment. With interactive planning and feedback loop, we ensure the maximized value delivery of our services throughout the development process.

Our objective is to develop an enterprise cloud system that fulfils the expectations of our clients and bring solutions to life. Our custom cloud infrastructure development and consulting services embrace the full spectrum of IT technologies

For a smooth flow of data, data pipelines are of greater importance. These enable the flow of data from source to storage. There are three elements of concern in data pipelines, source, processing steps, and destination. We ensure data pipelines are built in a way that helps in the processing and effortless movement of data between servers.

The most vital aspect of cloud computing is data security. While developing the system our priority is to provide protection and safeguard your data from any unauthorized access. We utilize a broad set of technologies and policies in order to control and protect data infrastructure with the aim of preventing data from modification or deletion.

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A system built for the purpose of data analytics is far more beneficial than ordinary data collection. Using remote public or private cloud computing resources helps with on-demand data analysis such as streamlining of data helps with the process of gathering, integrating, analyzing, and extracting insights to elevate decision making in your business.

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We achieve this through a collaborative approach by involving you at each stage. We look beyond the technical coding part and focus more on the core purpose of the software application and how it aligns with your business goals.

We are a team of highly talented and certified consultants with extensive experience. We aim to help clients in the public and private sectors in developing a secure cloud platform. This will optimize application performance, enhance decision-making, and improve mobility and collaboration.

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With comprehensive experience in handling complex system integration, we can assure you of a smooth migration of your applications to the Cloud. The operational work after pushing data onto the cloud requires professional support, which is readily available at Platingnum.

The use of DevOps for the delivery of the application and software allows businesses to receive and improve operations at a faster pace than using traditional infrastructure processes. For delivery, we utilize DevOps automation, which is a combination of practices and tools increasing the ability of Planingtum to deliver your desired IT solution at high velocity. With the DevOps model, you can test run with real scenarios to check the viability of the application or deploy a test script in a real production environment.

At Platingnum, our operational and development team collaborate in integration under the shadow of DevOps, allowing both teams to agree and deliver the result at a pace.

Continuous integration and continuous development CI/CD is the core of modern DevOps management. The CI/CD pipeline implementation in delivering closes the gap between development and operations teams because of the automation nature in building, testing, and deployment of applications.

Our consultants can provide you with the assurance you need, drawing on experience built up over many years using DevOps technologies and processes to help you deliver additional features without compromising quality, frequency, or security.

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Your business will observe improvement in team productivity and increased business value. We apply cloud-enabling tools and techniques across the entire delivery process for better and quick results

We deliver everything from small proof of concepts to full production implementations, allowing them to innovate quicker and cheaper by leveraging the cloud. We base our approach to service delivery on a transparent process and strategy which follows three simple phases: Plan, Architect, and Build, and improve mobility and collaboration.