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Azure Landing Zone – Role of Platform Automation and DevOps

Posted on: 08 Sep 2021

Automation is critical for DevOps methods, and automating everything is a core DevOps philosophy. Automation begins with code creation on […]

Azure Landing Zone – Integration of Governance for Enterprise-scale Security and Compliance

Posted on: 08 Sep 2021

The more business-oriented part of CAF addresses strategy and planning, which are frequently conducted independently by a variety of firms. […]

How to Organize Subscriptions and Resources with Azure Management Groups?

Posted on: 07 Sep 2021

    Azure Management Groups, Subscriptions, and Resource Groups are extremely powerful when utilised separately. However, when utilised collectively, they […]

BCDR: Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy Help to improve Business Resilience

Posted on: 07 Sep 2021

    The Difficulties in a Tech-First World There is no space for guessing when it comes to protecting against infrastructure […]

What is Cloud Competence Center? Why teams must work on the cloud platform?

Posted on: 05 Sep 2021

    IT businesses must continuously adapt to the market’s complicated and ever-changing requirements. This is especially true when it […]

What is Azure Identity and Access Management? Why do Companies Need IAM?

Posted on: 05 Sep 2021

To thrive in the digital age, businesses must make prudent technological investments. The workforce is utilising an increasing variety of […]

Success in DevSecOps requires Manpower, not just Technology

Posted on: 05 Sep 2021

What is Development Security Operations (DevSecOps)? DevSecOps, a relatively new phrase in the application security (AppSec) community, is about incorporating […]

How to Accelerate the Cloud Adoption with Azure Landing Zones?

Posted on: 04 Sep 2021

    Cloud adoption may be extremely difficult to master. It carries with it a slew of new problems, complexity, […]

Data pipeline design: From ingestion to analytics

Posted on: 01 Sep 2021

Using data pipelines, raw data is transported from software-as-a-service platforms and database sources to data warehouses, where it may be […]

The Importance of Data Governance

Posted on: 21 Mar 2021

In today's fast-paced and intensely dynamic business world, data governance is a must. Now that companies have the capacity to [...]

Top Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

Posted on: 21 Mar 2021

    Organizations are actively embracing cloud services as technology rapidly changes employee policy and business strategies, and they are […]

Azure Firewall: Features and Merits

Posted on: 21 Mar 2021

    If you don’t have a background in software engineering, you still have no idea what Azure Firewall is […]

Microsoft Azure Architecture: Beginner’s Guide in 2021

Posted on: 21 Mar 2021

    Cloud computing is changing the way new systems are built. Instead of developing monolithic applications, cloud infrastructure has […]

Data Visualization: Buy, Build or Hybrid?

Posted on: 21 Mar 2021

There are various ways to explore when satisfying the need for data visualization, but these ultimately boil down to three [...]

Azure Modern Data Platform – Unleash Power of Data

Posted on: 20 Mar 2021

    Today, many companies have prioritized digital transformation as a critical component of their long-term growth plans. It goes […]

The Future Trends of Business Intelligence and Analytics 2021

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

This year, companies have seen a number of improvements in the way they work. The pandemic has led the world […]

Best Practices and Strategies of Data Migration in Business

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

Any company goes through the process of data migration at some stage or another for multiple purposes. The fundamental concept […]

How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud?

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

According to the current DCMS Data Security Breaches Survey of July 2019, almost a third of companies (32% to be […]

How to Plan an Effective Business Intelligence Strategy?

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

By spending heavily on data assets without an acceptable plan, you run the risk of making decisions that result in […]

Big Data: A Stairway to Heaven or A Highway to Hell?

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

Are you eager to get big data? Slow down and learn about the issues that can emerge when designing a […]

What is the Quality of Your Big Data? Dirty, Clean, or Cleanish!

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

If you think that with big data, you’re going to cast a spell and easily improve your company, take off […]

Top 7 Big Data Challenges and How to Solve Them

Posted on: 04 Mar 2021

Before going to war, each General has to research his opponents: how large their army is, what their weapons are, […]