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Cloud Migrationis a process of moving data, files and relevant configuration from on–premises computing to a cloud computing environment.Whether it is transitioning from local database to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another, Cloud Migration through Azure alloworganizations to run their platforms in a cloud enabled environment.  By migrating to Azure, not only originations have acess toa high-quality infrastructure offered but also unlimited computing,storage capacity along with enterprise- grade security.

Azure Cloud Migration has a set of unique services developed to benefit organisations with cloud migraitons. For example the Azure Migrate service, a cloud migration service offered by Microsoft helpenterprises or organization to create, deploy or assesstheir workloads through a global network.With Azure Migrate ,organisationget to learn about all their resources running within azure data center.

Another service offered by Azure is Azure Data Box– is an offline data transfer service. The Data Boxoffers different storage products of a variety of storage capacities in order to send huge Terabytes (TB) of data to Azure. That too in a very fast and responsive manner without being expensive and secure in every possible way. In order to help organisations, Microsoft carry a shipping process and shipclient’sdata copied on MS data box storage devices to their data centers for enabling offline data transfers.

In addition to above, Azure also offers Azure Data Factory service. This is an online data transfer service offered. It is developed for composing data storage, then processing, and sending it into streamlined, accountable and reliable data production pipelines. Due its processing and curating data capability, Azure Data Factory (ADF) can be allotted asany Single source of truth type of Data Warehouse.The service also accelerates data integrationdone by integrating data silos to Azure Data Factory.


Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration?

  • It is inexpensive and organizationspay for only what they use.
  • Azure Cloud will give the ability to scale resources up and downas per work load. It will also reducecost of maintenance as Microsoft take care of Physical infrastructures of servers and staffs /processes to deploy, build and maintain your infrastructure/servers.


  • Azure Cloud Migration offer you easy accessibility. Organisations can have access to their data on the cloud at any time and from any location around the globe through internet securely.


  • The datacentre for Microsoft Azureis highly secure, geo replicated and multi region tokeep data safe from natural disasters. As benefit of using the cloud serviceorganisation’s data can be stored within multiple storage options, around multiple data centersand on separate physical data center spanning across globe for easy disaster recovery.


  • Azure Cloud also offers Azure Data Lake Analytics, Data Bricks ,Cloud data warehouse a distributed, cloud-based data processing architecture that is used to help quantify Azure Data Lake. It canprocesses scraped web data for analysis , implementimage processing intelligence to process unstructured data and much more.


The possibilities are unlimited with Azure cloud so why not switch today?