Where is data?

The importance of data to modern businesses is getting bigger and wider in scope. From the top-notch businesses to the infant ones; everyone needs data to engineer that superior product or service which would win the customer. Isolated pieces of spreadsheet, health records, the social media and logs on hardware are all sources of data telling us data has been all around us. Over 1.45 trillion gigabytes of data is stored worldwide with this figure expected to quadruple by 2020 (IMC, 2013).


Can useful things be transformed with data?

The quantum of data available tells us a lot more information can be mined from. Businesses are able to read trends to better understand the customer if existing data on customers are well analyzed. A well analyzed data can be useful to policy formulation, strategic management, product development, and customized customer services. Firms, governments, and organizations need data for informed decisions.


How difficult is it to identify problems and their solutions?

Problem identification should be backed with relevant data and is very critical to getting objectives achieved. If there is a felt need, then we believe a problem exists. That is how difficult identifying a problem can be. Know what you want, know the gap, and take the right steps.


Bring on that challenge!

We are known for best practices.

Data science does not encourage viewing tasks in isolation and so do we see the relationships between us and our customers. We deliver quality for a sustained customer relationship.


We tailor for you

In the data science world, there is no “a universal antidote” to problems. That is why we view every client as unique and deliver customer specific outcomes based on felt needs of our clients. We forbid ourselves from jumping into conclusions since our profession requires proper diagnosis before prescription.

We value progress and we help our clients grow through continuous research aided by our data science team. From varied backgrounds, we are able to view problems in various perspectives and identify manifold of opportunities as they com. Our activities are customer centered to ensure that we are creating solutions that have needs to address. We encourage our clients to ask questions, share their views, and consider feedbacks with urgency. We offer value that is unique hence making our clients’ brand difficult to imitate. It is our joy to make sure our clients are satisfied with results and see it functioning in their own ventures.


We are efficient

Data analytics is coupled with paths that only the diligent ones keep close eye on even the slightest of a detail. This is what you would be rewarded with for going Platingnum. We deliver great outcomes that will propel your business beyond the heights you dream of within the shortest possible time while keeping the slightest detail which are most often ignored in check.


Awareness pays off

Knowledge of the average product will keep buyers trooping in for more than a superior product that is unheard of. In a world where the consumer is ever evolving in terms of tastes and preferences, it is only a good advice to know the trends and be ahead of your game.


The importance of effective communication

Data science results are not meant for the shelves. To better deliver value, results should be communicated is simple and understandable forms that will be unto purpose. We value the essence of this.