Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines what sensitive data Platingnum gathers from you and how we use the data.


Who We are?

Platingnum (“We”) is dedicated to protecting and preserving your privacy. Your privacy matters, and it is important that you read the details in this statement, which we must clarify to you by legislation.

We are Platingnum, a UK based provider of big data management and cloud consulting services. As you read this document, you are currently visiting our website, which is the digital face of our business. We are fully dedicated to providing you a fantastic experience when you are visiting our website, exchanging information that might be of concern to you, clarifying any issues that might occur, and maintaining the uninterrupted functioning of the website such that you do not feel frustrated.

This would not be possible without your kind help, which you provide by sharing your personal data with us. Around the same time, we understand that personal data is highly sensitive, and we take your privacy very seriously. In order to avoid making you feel uncomfortable about this, we have created this privacy policy, which is focused on any aspect that applies to our work with your personal details.

Information you give to us

Platingnum gathers data to provide you with clear guidance on our services. You provide some of these details directly, such as when you fill in the Contact Us form, contacting us via phone email or otherwise, ask Author Forms to contact us for help or feedback on our posts. We get some data using technology such as cookies and collect error reports or use data from software running on your computer.

Information we gather about you

We also gather data from third parties. We secure the data collected from third parties in compliance with the practices outlined in this statement, plus any additional constraints enforced by the data source. These third-party sources can differ with time, but they currently include:

  • Service providers that allow us to identify your location based on your IP address in order to tailor those services to your location.
  • Publicly accessible sources such as open government databases or other public domain info.

You have options over the data we’re gathering. If you are asked to provide personal data, you will refuse to do so. But if you chose not to include the data required to provide a service or function, or to provide updates, you will not be able to access or receive feedback from this service or feature.

The Data we collect may include:

Name and contact data: We gather your first name, last name, work email address, phone number, company name and other similar contact data to render the services.

Demographic data:We gather your country location and preferred language.

Website data:We collect data about how you get to know about Platingnum and how you interact within Platingnum website. For instance, we collect:

  • Details of visitor activity trends, i.e. information about the sections you visit and how much time you spend there.
  • Configuration of data. We gather details on the network you use to connect to our website. This requires your IP address.
  • Reports of error and performance data. We gather knowledge about the issues you have with our services. This data allow us to diagnose problems and offer solutions. Depending on the browsing environment and configuration, error reports which contain data such as the nature or seriousness of the problem, software or hardware information relating to the error, the contents of the files you used when the error happened, as well as data on other software on your computer.
  • Troubleshooting and Help Data. In the event that Platingnum is involved in troubleshooting and assistance, we gather data on you and your hardware, software, and other incident-related information. This covers contact info, content of the chats and other communications with Platingnum, data on the state of the machine and the application when the malfunction happened and during diagnosis, and system and registry data on programme upgrades and hardware configurations.

Please be aware that you may reveal personal details that we do not need, including your payment data, in the summary section of the CONTACT-US form. We would not use this information in any manner other than saving it on our backup server. Please do not share any sensitive details that you have not requested explicitly to share with us.

Our website is not meant for children and private individuals, and we do not intentionally gather information from them. Parents can revoke previous consent choices and evaluate, alter or order the deletion of their children’s personal data.

We can also gather personal data from third parties that have your permission to send your information to us or from publicly accessible sources.


Platingnum gathers data for the following purposes: sending messages, including promotional communications; advertising; reviewing website traffic statistics; troubleshooting of technological websites; optimizing user interface on the website.

In carrying out these purposes, we plan to advise you about the problems that you have asked us to tell you about; to contact you whenever we need to collect or provide supplementary information; to make sure that our records are accurate and to confirm every now and then that you are pleased and comfortable. We may not rent or exchange email lists for other companies or enterprises.

However, to improve privacy, we have developed into technical and operational protections intended to deter data leakage. For eg, we store data that we receive from you indirectly or explicitly, such as your name, email address or phone number, business name, in a protected database.

In addition, you can sign up for newsletters and choose if you would like to receive promotional communications from Platingnum by email, SMS, and phone.

We share personal data with our developers team. Our production team shall comply with our data privacy and protection specifications and shall not be authorized to use any of the personal data it receives from us for any reasons other than those set out above. In order to ensure an acceptable degree of security of personal data that you share, all the obligations of the Development Center are established in an agreement between Platingnum and the development team.

We will access, pass, disclose and retain personal data where we have a good faith conviction that this is needed to:

  • Comply with the relevant legislation or respond to a lawful legal proceeding, even in response to a request from law enforcement authorities or other government agencies.
  • Secure our customers, for example, to discourage malware or efforts to defraud consumers of our services, or to help prevent the loss of life or significant harm to someone.
  • Secure the interests of Platingnum, including the implementation of the conditions regulating the use of the services.

If third party agents process personal data on our behalf in a manner that is inconsistent with the rules set forth herein, we shall remain liable until we show that we are not responsible for the incident giving rise to the harm.

You have the freedom to access, amend or delete the sensitive details that we hold:

  • You can ask at any time what personal data we keep about you and who the recipients of your personal data are.
  • You can ask us to update and fix any out-of-date or incorrect/incomplete personal data we keep about you free of charge.
  • You may opt out of any marketing messages that we may be sending you. The preference would not extend to mandatory service communications.
  • You may at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your details.
  • You may request that your personal details be removed or changed here.

Email your request to us  We will respond to your request to access or delete your personal information within 2 or 3 business days.

Platingnum uses cookies (small text files put on your device) and related technology to provide our web services and help gather data. The text in a cookie always consists of a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your machine, but may also include other information.


We use cookies and related technologies for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Safety and Security. We use cookies to detect spam and misuse of our website and services.
  • Storing the details you have on a website. When you provide information, we store the data in a cookie so that you can recall the information you’ve added.


The key reason we usually set cookies is to collect data on the website. To control the cookies you can usually restrict the cookies in your browser.


In addition to standard cookies, we can use other similar technologies to store and read data files on your computer. This is normally achieved to increase speed and performance by saving those data locally. Similar to regular cookies, these technology may even be used to store a unique identifier for your device, which can then be used to detect your actions. These technologies shall contain local sharing objects (or “Flash cookies”).

Platingnum is meant to offer its services to organizations. Your use of the Platingnum website can be subject to the policy of your company, if any. If your company handles the use of the Platingnum website, please direct your privacy request to your administrator. Platingnum is not responsible for the privacy or security policies of our customers, which may vary from those set out in this privacy policy.


If you use an email address given by an entity for which you are connected, such as an employer,  the owner of the domain (e.g. your employer) associated with your email address can view and process your data, including the contents of your communications and files.

We use a range of encryption technologies and procedures to protect your sensitive data against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For eg, we store your personal data on computer systems that have restricted access and are stored in controlled facilities.

Platingnum maintains sensitive details for as long as it is required to deliver the services and reviews you have provided, or for other important reasons, such as compliance with our legal requirements, the enforcement of our agreements. Since these needs may vary with different data forms, real retention times may vary. The requirements used for the assessment of retention periods shall include:

  • Is personal data of a delicate kind? If so, it would usually be acceptable to have a shorter retention duration of up to five years.
  • Does Platingnum have a legal, statutory or equivalent obligation to retain data? Examples can include mandatory data protection regulations in the applicable jurisdiction, court directives to preserve data relevant to the investigation, or data that must be preserved for the purposes of litigation.

We may amend this privacy policy if necessary to alter the terms of the privacy statement or to reflect feedback from the client. When we post updates to this statement, the “last updated” date will be amended at the top of the statement. If there are any substantive changes to the statement, we will inform you either by publishing a note of such changes prominently before they become effective or by sending you a notification directly.

Contact Us

If you have a privacy concern, complaint, or questions, please email us at