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Data Building

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What do we do?

Remove, Retain, Replatform, Rehost, Repurchase, and Refactor. These common designations would eventually assist in assessing and building a cloud migration strategy as well as the disposal of on-premise properties and applications. However, you must be able to answer the five “W’s” of cloud migration: who, what, where, where, why, and how.

We will help you build a method and a ranking system for prioritizing your migration efforts.

Our accredited architects can design and execute a migration that is customized to your business needs, taking into account your preferences for timing, costs, security, and availability.
“Data on the cloud will provide enterprises with much-needed scalability, enterprise versatility, and trustworthy data-driven insights for smarter and quicker results if properly strategized and applied.”
We help you to manage the entire life cycle of your cloud deployment by selecting the right cloud security for your company (e.g., public, private, hybrid, Internet-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service) (SaaS), choosing the strongest cloud service provider (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and More), having servers ready for deployment, application or workload staging, deployment, and monitoring.
Platingnum endorses the best-fit architectural approach for adopting data on the cloud:

Data Governance Services Include

By combining its rigidity with the versatility given by cloud-based data components.

Through creating a parallel data life cycle on the cloud and constructive integration of the data platform with the hybrid application ecosystem, the data centre of gravity will be systematically moved to the cloud.

By building processes, pipelines to migrate the data on the cloud. That is, build a native data solution on the cloud.