Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Our Data Warehouse consultancy aims to design and implement Data Warehousing to integrate disparate data sources to facilitate informed decision-making within an organization.

What do we do?

Platingnum provides Data Warehousing consulting for Data Warehousing design, implementation or migration and helps you select Data Warehousing platform, architecture, and data model for optimum DWH performance and costs.

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Data Warehousing Services Include

If you need to have flexible and secure storage to integrate disparate data sources with no Data warehousing implementation and administration burden, we provide consultancy DWaaS on a subscription fee basis. To lend you out a data warehouse that fits into your analytics infrastructure, we conduct:

  • Data warehouse configuration and development.
  • Data warehouse integration.
  • Data migration and data cleaning.
  • Continuous support and administration.
  • On-demand Data Warehouse configurations.

We do data modelling and deploy a data warehouse or the entire solution consisting of a data lake, a data warehouse, ETL (extract, transform, load) procedures, and online analytical processing cubes. To fulfil the project prerequisites, timeframes, and budget, we implement the most relevant software development life cycle models like Iterative, Incremental, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and Waterfall.

Our assistance activities are designed to ensure that your data warehouse continues to be the foundation for valuable insights (i.e., ETL procedures are running correctly, data quality management is in place, new KPIs are calculated). For that, we take the following steps:

  • Deliver data administration services: establish rules to guarantee that the data is clean and accurate, add new data sources and load new data, adjust ETL processes.
  • Examine the performance and capacity of your data warehouse – query running times, the correctness of data transformations or a data backup.
  • Fix the identified issues.

CDW Implementation Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Consolidate disjointed data sources to consolidated storage.
  • Develop a solid framework for transparent analysis and reporting.
  • Achieve high quality of data.
  • Ensure the security and compliance of records.

CDW Migration Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Achieve dynamic scaling of the infrastructure of DWH.
  • Optimize the efficiency and costs of DWH.
  • Ensure timely and quality data flow for enterprise users with near-zero DWH downtime.
  • Comply with the standards of business, government, and organization.

CDW Optimization Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Reduce latency of data.
  • Solve the issues of performance and concurrence.
  • Lower costs of processing and storage.
  • Achieve equilibrium in DWH.
  • Meet expanded reporting and analytical requirements.


Data Warehousing Solution: 1-Week Assessment


Platingnum’s Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions provide your organization with a safe, cloud-based collection of your business data for analysis and visualisation, allowing your organization to make educated decisions.


We will assist you in establishing a highly scalable Enterprise Data Warehouse for enterprise-wide data from all marketplaces in one place.


We will examine your existing on-premises or hybrid cloud architecture. We will collaborate to create a technological strategy that will allow you to establish a Modern Data Warehouse while taking full use of the Azure technology stack’s capabilities.


Our Approach – Deliverables




  • What kinds of queries might a data warehouse help you answer?
  • What should be included in your data warehouse solution based on your individual demands and business requirements?
  • If an Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW, or an Azure VM running SQL Server is a better fit for the data warehouse.
  • What is the best licence choice for your unique requirements?




  • Meet for brainstorming;
  • Prioritize – visual representation (costs vs time vs profit),
  • Canvas session with owners
  • On-site or off-site technical evaluation (AI Readiness, Data Maturity, Scoping)




  • Data Strategy Presentation for Organization;
  • Document comprising: use cases for AI implementation, suggestions, estimated implementation costs, and scope of work)


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