Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Platingnum’s data modelling consultants help enterprises do more with their data, designing strategic digital solutions that produce tangible business results.

What do we do?

Our Data Modeling experts provide top-notch and custom-made data solutions and services that can be effortlessly scaled, are fully secure and constructed to be integrated with other systems and applications. Platingnum’s experts use their broad knowledge to fine-tune the configuration, data inputs, reporting, and systems performance, providing a model that truly encounters your specific business requirements.

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Data Modeling Services include

Our professionals energetically work on the data models while providing education and expertise to the organization’s participating team representatives.

We provide advice and support whenever you need it.

We evaluate your models and make the best possible practice recommendations.

Data Modeling Consulting

  • Finding out the right data warehouse model for your company
    • Where did you get your data?
    • How is it structured?
    • What is your product toolset?
  • Supervising a needs assessment
    • What sort of report is vital to you?
    • Which department/location/product you are attempting to get more visibility into?
  • Modifying the model to accommodate changes in your business
  • Validating and defending the data warehouse model
    • Get specifications and make sure that the data model produces the right answers

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