Infrastructure as Code IaC

Infrastructure as Code IaC

Platingnum helps to standardize operations, decrease the errors, and iterate faster with Automatic provisioning, configuration, implementations.

What we do?

Platingnum helps with IaC adoption and advancements so that you could benefit from it . We are not just consultants, we follow through! This means that we can offload your team as well as manage your servers and other infrastructure, taking the day-to-day management under our control. Enjoy infrastructure automation with Platingnum!

end-to-end solution of all possible complexities:

  • Tooling definition and selection
  • Infrastructure automation strategy design and road mapping
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Maintenance and optimization
  • Existing infrastructure evaluation, elimination of bottleneck
  • Preparation of the infrastructure for automation
  • Tech stack selection
  • Infrastructure as code implementation
  • Maintenance and optimization
  • Audit of existing infrastructure health
  • Recommendations on enhancement and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Constant consulting and control of the optimization execution
  • Tech stack consulting
  • Disaster recovery
  • Professional advice on current infrastructure optimization

Infrastructure as Code Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Infrastructure as Code Design
  • Provide Help to integrate Infrastructure as Code into your full automation strategy.
  • Infrastructure as code implementation service
  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Infrastructure as code optimization
  • CloudFormation, CHEF, Terraform, Ansible implementation

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