Data governance

Data Governance

Enhance your data quality and simplify data security and compliance for your business.

What we do?

Our data governance consulting services are constructed on the premise that real-time data is a vital strategic asset (in the same way as financial data). Platingnum recommends business processes and procedures to guarantee the quality and availability of real-time data so that it can be relied upon by your staff and software applications for assessing operating performance, and intelligently correlated with assets to assure performance enhancement.

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Data Governance Services Include

Helping companies to manage data effectively whilst staying compliant with the global regulations. 

While moving to the cloud companies are copying lots of data from different sources. Data is a highly valuable asset for organizations. To achieve data quality and security, our data governance solutions help organizations to implement the right processes and ownerships.

Every organization is concerned about one question: “WHERE IS MY DATA?” Most companies don’t know or have visibility over data —what kind of data exists, where it is stored, who has access to it and how it is being used across business units, geographies, or third parties.

Platingnum provides effective management and orchestration enabling companies to get a single view of their data. 

Data is the lifeblood of any organization and flaws in data can lead to various outcomes.

We will collaborate with you to define adequate data quality standards and guidelines that companies can use for analytics and use cases which will offer a consistent and reusable foundation for your present and future data quality needs. 

Data about the data, there are lots of data sources and companies want to catalogue them and arrange them in fashion where it has been originated and how it is processed and how it is used.

Platingnum undertakes the metadata analysis in order to ensure reliable metadata for higher efficiency, enabling faster project and product delivery.

Our data governance services will help you to create private data zones by adding different labels and using different data techniques we can help you to secure your data while utilizing dynamic data masking technique. 

We defend your sensitive data and enhance your readiness for data protection regulations.

How we Implement the Data Governance Strategy

Platingnum helps you to recognize the pain points, understand your business needs, and objectives for cloud infrastructure and try to comprehend your expectations from a data governance plan.

Sessions will be conducted with stakeholders and teams to know more about organizational needs and requirements. In these sessions, we check and discuss the most important topics like the costs, strategies, policies, best practices, and consider everything that may impact.

Our Data governance assessment includes the following: 

  • Where: Discovery of  structured, unstructured and cloud data
  • Value: Analysis, classification, analytics, intelligence, quality measures
  • Access: Strengthen access control methods and safeguards
  • Auditability: Track enterprise data movement, end to end
  • Metrics: Reports, measure success, enforce rules

Establishing data standards early in the process and ensuring contributors adhere to them is key to the platform’s continued success.

Platingnum defines the data standards like naming standards, data modelling standards, and other data architecture standards and that guarantees the maximum availability of data.

Platingnum identifies Data Initiatives, solution options, and areas of focus and builds a strategy to define the roadmap for Data Governance implementation. 

Before Making a strategy plan we perform, Data discovery, Data profiling, Data dictionary, Data inventories, Data lineage, Capabilities Assessment, and Technology Assessment to identify gaps and align organizational policies and procedures based on data governance requirements. 

Platingnum finally rolls out the data governance strategy and then assesses it for its effectiveness.

We establish a standardized framework for enterprise data governance and data management, data discovery methodology, data classification standards and methods, data-level access control rules and permissions, and continuous data monitoring and reporting standards.

Data Governance Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Developing methods for your organization’s data inflow, cleansing and enrichment to permit for profound analyzes.
  • Training your staff regarding data sensitivity and keeping them updated concerning the newest regulatory developments.
  • Guarantee your compliance with the newest regulatory modifications and avoid punitive charges.
  • Learning how to construct a lasting data governance program that will work at an enterprise level.
  • Unlocking the capability to comply with GDPR and CCPA while enabling advanced analytics.

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