Data governance

Data Governance

Enhance your data quality and simplify data security and compliance for your business.

What we do?

Our data governance consulting services are constructed on the premise that real-time data is a vital strategic asset (in the same way as financial data). Platingnum recommends business processes and procedures to guarantee the quality and availability of real-time data so that it can be relied upon by your staff and software applications for assessing operating performance, and intelligently correlated with assets to assure performance enhancement.

Data Governance Services Include

Help companies to administer information effectively whilst staying compliant with the global regulations

Apply workflow procedures and controls for appropriate data management

Through effective management and orchestration enable companies to get a single view of their data

Measuring and monitoring the data quality in conjunction with taking sufficient steps to improve it

Undertake the metadata analysis in order to ensure reliable metadata for higher efficiency, enabling faster project and product delivery

Defending your sensitive data and enhancing your readiness towards data protection regulations

How we Implement the Data Governance Strategy

Platingnum to recognize the pain points and try to comprehend your expectations from a data governance plan

Platingnum assess the various data governance activities already going on at your organization

Platingnum define the metadata standards and guarantee the maximum availability of data

Platingnum’s data professionals define the roadmap for implementation of a data governance policy

Platingnum determine key performance indicators to assess the progress of a data governance strategy

Platingnum finally rolls out the data governance strategy and then assess it for its effectiveness

Data Governance Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Developing methods for your organization’s data inflow, cleansing and enrichment to permit for profound analyzes.
  • Training your staff regarding data sensitivity and keep them updated concerning the newest regulatory developments.
  • Guaranteeing your compliance with the newest regulatory modifications and avoid punitive charges.
  • Learning how to construct a lasting data governance program that will work at an enterprise level.
  • Unlocking the capability to comply with GDPR and CCPA while enabling advanced analytics.

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