Get to innovation – and success – faster! Enhance the velocity of your innovations and drive speed to the market for greater advantage with our Cloud DevOps Consulting Services.

What We Do?

Whether you are just at the beginning of your cloud journey, or you’re looking for sophisticated automation and cutting-edge technologies, our DevOps specialists have the advice, tools, and technology you need.
We’ll help you amalgamate your development and operations teams with cloud-native technologies.
You’ll be able to swiftly adapt to evolving markets through effectiveness, reduced density, and reusable workloads.

Our Capabilities

Our Practical Implementations

Continuous Integration (CI)

When a member of the software team contributes changes to version control, the build and code testing procedures are automated. It eliminates any gaps in strategy, design, and deployment.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

This is an extension of continuous integration that allows for automated building, testing and preparing code changes before they are delivered to production. Code changes are deployed to a testing or production environment immediately following the build, enabling more agility.


Excellence in microservices leads to increased operational efficiency and agility. Microservices enable increased software development flexibility and speed.

Managing Configuration

Critical applications can be delivered more quickly with effective, automated configuration management. It assures excellence while reducing the possibility of human mistakes.


Azure DevOps – Workshop

We help you to Identify gaps, waste, and inefficiencies in your present design and development process while developing a future state design and DevOps operational model for implementing fast innovation.

We’ll show you how to use Azure DevOps and a CI/CD process to automate your data deployments, and we’ll work with you to create a DevOps road map for your data.

What You’ll Get

We have structured our expertise to move beyond the abstract and focus on Code, pipelines, and Azure data resources to establish a DevOps framework in your data world.

Our Approach – Deliverables

The workshop will cover:

  • Assessment
  • Further steps and solutions
  • Fundamentals
  • Automation
  • Get a clear picture of the procedures and tools that your teams are employing.
  • Recognize your team’s main challenges and pain areas.
  • Learning how your processes and tools stack up against the best practices.
Know the next steps
  • Recommendation on how to resolve the issues recognized during the assessment.
  • Recommendation on how to implement good practices and tools that are presently lacking.
  • Recommendation on how to automate presently manual operations to improve quality, predictability, and performance.
  • Best practises for agile development
  • Introduction to Azure DevOps
  • Data Source Control
  • Entity Framework, Fluent Migration, and Database Projects
  • Diversification techniques for release and environment maintenance
  • SQL Deployment Methodologies
  • Other data utility deployment techniques
  • Azure Pipelines deployment
  • Workflows and environmental promotion
  • Environment security
  • Data environments’ infrastructure as code
  • Mapping Migration Routes

Book an Azure Consultation Call

This is a discovery call  to get to know more about your current Azure setup, business needs, current challenges and the person (or people) behind the company.
We look at your data and analytics setup, business processes and go through the project needs to help you successfully migrate to Microsoft Azure, on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your business.

Find a time that suits your calendar and set it. I can't wait to get to know you!

This Call Is For:
• Companies who want to migrate to Azure Cloud
• Clients who want to decrease spending on Azure pipelines
• Organisation looking for best practices to implement Azure pipelines
• Companies looking for a Cloud Framework for Building Landing zones
• Clients who are worried about data and governance on Azure
• Companies that have started with Azure but have no experience with Azure