Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

If you’re like many firms that have begun their cloud migration, you may have discovered that it is taking longer than intended or is costing more than you anticipated. How can you decide which cloud strategy is best for you when there are so many options? Here Platingnum comes into the picture.

What We Do?

Platingnum provides a fixed-price cloud migration evaluation to organisations contemplating infrastructure migration and application modernization with Azure.

Our services are designed to support our clients on their journey to the cloud and might range from an advisory or technical assurance capacity assessment to our complete service where we migrate, develop, build and integrate your applications and systems for you.

Our Capabilities

Using proprietary tools, we check and assess your infrastructure, application & data and consult with team stakeholders to identify technical requirements to decide the best fit services based on strategic business needs.

After analysis and review, we create new diagrams where appropriate to support a seamless cloud migration.

Leveraging data from detection and analysis, We do a comprehensive analysis to prioritise the migration of each application and/or system to the cloud after evaluating your business needs, recognising opportunities, and recommending the optimal migration strategy.

Our analysis tools help to uncover dependencies to concentrate on applications and identify required remediation helping you reduce risk, time, and cost.

After designing the migration strategy, we provide a complete readiness report and roadmap for shifting to Azure, as well as a cloud migration cost analysis report and an infrastructure analysis report.

Before execution, we identify sections that need to be refactored before the Cloud migration and determine migration techniques for each item.

To implement the Azure Migration plan, we use automated cloud management and migration tools to provide support for a smooth transition, along with a transformation management plan to remain on track.


Cloud Migration: 1-week Assessment

This service includes 1 week of discovery and analysis of your present IT infrastructure, as well as a report outlining an Azure migration strategy and suggestions.


Organizations will acquire an understanding of the technical and commercial viability of a shift to Azure as part of this assessment.


As part of the exercise, Platingnum will:
  • Check and assess your infrastructure, application & data to decide the best fit services based on strategic business needs.
  • Create a report that shows which workloads should be migrated to Azure on an urgent basis and which require further research.
  • Provide commercial information as a result of the Azure migration.
Steps Involved
  • Determine the project’s objectives, key stakeholders, time and financial constraints.
  • Collaborate with the client team to obtain an accurate picture of the present status.
  • Compile the needs for data security, retention, compliance, and geolocation limits.
  • Successively develop the project’s ultimate state for migration/modernization.
  • Gap analysis of skill and knowledge in the client team and develop a training and outsourcing strategy.
  • Create a transition strategy that is consistent with ongoing business activities, the present state, and the planned architecture.
  • Carry out a security and compliance audit of the plan and make any necessary changes.
  • Create a transition plan to ensure that your business activities are not interrupted.
  • Form a team to manage and deliver the project transition.


Cloud Migration Execution: 6 weeks Implementation


We provide a 3-stage implementation approach in 6 weeks, with thorough validation and advice. We offer customised services based on your company’s requirements and a well-thought-out solution to all of your performance issues, with data integrity guaranteed.


1. Lift and shift (IaaS): Deliverables
  • Documentation of IT infrastructure layout with stakeholders involved
  • Report on cloud resource evaluation and cost estimation
  • Design of cloud infrastructure
  • Report on Security Assessment
  • Infrastructure migration
2. App modernization (PaaS / SaaS): Deliverables
  • Documentation of the IT infrastructure layout with key parties
  • Evaluation report for each application
  • Finished Project POC
  • Document for Cost estimation
  • Overall migration strategy and timetable
  • Infrastructure migration and modernization
3. Cloud Adoption: Deliverables
  • Documentation of IT infrastructure layout with relevant stakeholders
  • Each application evaluation report
  • Roadmap for Cloud Adoption
  • The cloud adoption strategy and plan template
  • Finished Project POC.
  • Documentation for the overall migration strategy, estimate, and timing
  • Infrastructure migration and modernization


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