1. How is a Single Customer View created?

We will collect data you wish to bring together from your sources for example XXXXXX

2. How is this solution built on Cloud platform?

Cloud based solution using either Aws or Azure

3. What about IP  (intellectual property)?

Intellectual property (IP) rights are valuable assets for our  business – possibly among the most important it possesses. We will share our code and processes, on the agreement that they will not be used as bootstrap process.Our  IP rights are important because they can:

  • set our business apart from competitors
  • be sold or licensed, providing an important revenue stream
  • offer customers something new and different
  • form an essential part of our marketing or branding
  • can be used as Asset for loans

4. How long will it take to deploy the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) Solution?

A maximum of 12 weeks. Generally if you have data dictionary definition ready i.e. database, files, tables then we can do it even in 4-5 weeks.

5. How secure is your solution?

We use SSL for logins and we can use MFA (Multi  Factor Authentication) to secure user loings from any malicious access to your system

6. We are a small organisation and will your solution be affordable?

Yes, we have built this solution keeping small and large businesses in mind. Our business model encourages to gain 10 small customers than 1 big customer. We are driven by community spirit.

7. How  does your billing cycle works?

We charge per usage same as any cloud platform. We have very small fixed fee per month and usage charges will be added on top per month. We can discuss these details with you when you are ready.

8. Will my business experience any downtime during deployment?

Absolutely not. The transition process is seamless and your business will not suffer. We will build a separate cloud solution to trial on until you are ready to switch over.

9. Can I integrate the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) Solution with my CRM, ERP & eCommerce systems?

Sure. We will provide all the support you need to connect your existing systems to SDV

10. Can I integrate Campaign Management platforms like Optimove,Neolane?

Yes, our system can send data in flat files or through APIs directly to your preferred campaign management system to run be-spoke email/SMS campaigns. In case needed we can also brig data back from such tools into Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV)

11. I’d like to test the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution before buying it. Is this possible?

Yes, it is; our demo environment is a perfect place to start. Just email us and we will send you necessary details and access to try our POC product.

2. Can I operate the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution even when I’m not at the office?

You can. All you need is an internet- enabled device.

13. What happens if my office laptop crashes? Will I lose anything?

Nah. Your data is safely stored in the cloud. Just use a new computer or another device.

14.  Is the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution able to send real time alerts?

We will discuss your business requirement and we will configure  email/SMS alerts and dashboards on cloud so that you can see activities that trigger alerts.

15. What sort of alerts will be sent to me by the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution?

You can choose between SMS, Email at this stage. They are fully configurable and we can define address, subject and message text per your needs.

16. Can I customize the solution to match my brand identity and preferences?

Oh, yeah. This is one of your entitlements.

18. What if the Platingnum Uniform Data View(UDV) solution is unable to handle my business requirements?

We’re proud to tell you that this is not something we have come across , we’ve got you covere