About Us

Cloud experts specializing in supporting businesses to migrate their services to cloud.

Who We Are?

We are Platingnum, we strive to provide cloud infrastructure and strategy consulting services to solve the technological problems that give you headaches. We believe consulting requires team spirit, which is why we don’t just work for you – we work with you. We work with you to unleash new ideas and innovative perspectives that optimize your procedures, elevate your technology, and help you compete in a digital world.

We don’t think it’s hard to work with a consultancy company, so we make it easy. We’re bringing:

  • A collaborative approach to problem-solving, understanding when to answer and when to listen.
  • A perfect mix of business and technological expertise and a wide variety of talents.
  • The seriousness of the budgets and schedules with the same sensitivity as we add to our own company.
  • A squad that sticks with you every step of the way to the leading retention rate.

Why Prefer Platingnum?

Being a success driven company, we appreciate customers’ values as well. When we start any project, we take steps with brainstorming ideas, we pin down all the feasibilities where value addition is possible, and we formulate approach according to the customer’s desire. Your contentment is our contentment.

Cloud computing offers fast, flexible access to computing resources. It’s so flexible that almost every company today has at least one cloud part. At Platingnum, our consultants team will collaborate with you to create the right solution for your company that you will never have to compromise on results.

We were established to help enable “great work from anywhere”.

Innovation is in our Blood

We pride ourselves in a team of excellent and talented people who have worked on high profile projects. Our team has undertaken multitudes of cloud consulting and implementation projects across an array of industries. With considerable experience in designing customized cloud solutions, our team of experts will provide you with a cloud infrastructure aligned to your business strategy while helping your organization to achieve broader digital goals.

We Improvise, Adapt and Overcome Through Challenges

“To succeed despite the challenges, we must plan, solve, recalculate, refocus, and think again”. Platingnum loves working on challenging tasks. We accept such tasks as a chance to prove our strength. If you find your project challenging one at any spot, we would love to talk over the potentials and changes with you. Just be assured to connect with us.

We Have The Best Team

We have worked on plenty of high profile projects. Our team has tackled multitudes of cloud consulting and implementation projects across an array of industries. With significant experience in designing tailored cloud solutions, our team of experts will help you to achieve bigger digital objectives.

Independent:  We are solely independent and impartial.

Experienced: Our cloud consultants are highly experienced. Our actions and services will speak of our experience.

Experts: We have many years of practical experience of designing, managing and deploying cloud services.

Local and Global: We are small enough to provide a personal service in London, United Kingdom and  we also deliver global projects.

We Deliver Fast

We strongly have faith and motive to provide impeccable services in less time as we respect your precious time. We ensure as instant as possible work time, so that you can plan further arrangements easily.

We Are The Specialist

We are a data driven company and unlike others we just do everything on cloud. Our specialty is data transformation and data analytics. We are passionate and specialized in complex data transformation to build more agile and dynamic enterprises through cloud native technologies.  We can plan, architect, build and deliver you any data solution on Azure cloud.