Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Platingnum’s Master Data Management Deployment Strategy provides you with a working solution in the shortest possible time and with the lowest risk.

What we do?

PlatingNum provides the best-in-class solutions to help businesses properly integrate, build credibility, and strengthen the management of your organization’s most valuable data.

What we do

We help you in conceptualization of a master data strategy, prediction of to-be concepts, and  establishment of an MDM roadmap. Platingnum will also help with Master Data Management assessment, Landscape Analysis, Transmit Best Practice & Proven Methodology, Develop the Strategic Plan & Solution Architecture and Assist with Tool Selection or RFP requirements.

Platingnum leverages ETL, Data Quality and MDM tools and techniques to implement the project, these include: Informatica Master Data Management On-Premises and Cloud products, Semarchy, Ataccama, Tibco, IBM InfoSphere MDM and SAP MDM.

Platingnum also offers short or long-term MDM assistance and official or custom MDM training.

Master Data Management Consulting

We’re here to help you in:

  • Recognizing the goals of your business and how an MDM strategy can satisfy them
  • Finding the crucial master data
  • Deciding how data is organized and stored
  • Spotting owners of data
  • Assessing whether a single domain or multi-domain is best
  • Deciding whether the Master Data Management strategy implementation is operation, enterprise, or analytics
  • Improving the master data model
  • Distinguishing every task that needs to have gone through a well-established governance program
  • Guaranteeing quality control

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